Noah Emery

OkCupid & A Branding Strategy

okcupid-matchA corporate marketing article by Thunderbird students Noah Emery, Kate Gillette, Megan Groves, Roger Li, Christian Lorentzen, Ullas Rameshappa and Amanda Roberson

Executive Summary: In this paper, we will provide an overview of the existing and growing online dating market as it pertains to the United States. Focusing on two brands, (Match) and OkCupid, we will explore options for Interactive Corporation, the holding company for both dating sites, to simultaneously grow the online dating market and increase visibility and profitability of newly acquired OkCupid, a much younger brand. After analysis of product, promotion, placement and pricing as well as segmentation, targeting and positioning of each brand, we recommend the following: a dual-branding strategy that capitalizes on Match’s industry experience in order to grow the market and maximize OkCupid’s potential value.

Time for Louis Vuitton to come home

Louis Vuitton strategy“The whole problem that we all have, and Louis Vuitton is the leader of the industry – is to manage what I call the ‘paradox of luxury.’ How can you grow year after year, and give the satisfaction to many more customers, in many more countries, and at the same time keep this sort of exclusivity of luxury?” — Yves Carcelle, February 2008

By Swecha Bhavana, Rodrigo Castillo, Sampad Das, Noah Emery, Estella He and Ho Young Kim

In an interview with Yves Carcelle, the president and CEO of Louis Vuitton (LV), he touched on a unique strategic issue faced by LV and other luxury brands equally. The interview was given during LV’s expansion into Turkey in February 2008. He used a phrase, “the paradox of luxury,” to describe the expansion and growth of the luxury market. The paradox, according to Mr. Carcelle is aiming to increase the opportunities for growth while attempting to maintain the exclusivity of the brand. LV’s current strategy is focused on geographic expansion into emerging markets where the levels of disposable income have risen, creating new customers for the luxury goods market. At such a juncture, it becomes paramount for LV to avoid risk of diluted brand image. The fact that LV’s products are sold at only the 390 stores all over the world is one of the strategies around the paradox.

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