Matt Williamson

Rousing the Dreamliner from its nightmare

Boeing 787 DreamlinerBy Shamus Angkrom, Raghu Gopal, Joseph Hake, Jacquelyn Hunter and Matt Williamson

All people with any interest in flight, from the casual passenger to the industry analyst, will no doubt have been exposed to the recent buzz regarding the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. In the United States all eyes have been set firmly on the production of the 787, as both regional and long-haul service providers plan to utilize the 787 in a manner that will create a great deal of competition for the A380. You would be hard-pressed to reference commercial air travel or U.S.-based defense without the inclusion of Boeing or its various subsidiaries.

Several years ago, one could scarcely mention Boeing without alluding to its former claim-to-fame, the 747 “jumbo jet.” Those of us fortunate enough to have traveled overseas for business or pleasure have undoubtedly experienced the enjoyment of being a passenger on one of these airborne behemoths. Nowadays, when discussing the premiere platform for wide-body, long-haul commercial air travel, most would reference the Airbus A380 instead of the “dated” 747.

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