Matt Gottesman

Tiffany & Co. seeks sustainability

Tiffany & Co. global strategyBy Jeremy Snyder, Sara Dallaire, Patty Vukanovich, Matt Gottesman, Travis Goulding and Brad Hunter

With the holiday retail season currently upon us, we recently did some research about a well-known jewelry retailer, Tiffany & Co.  When the average consumer hits the streets to look for gifts of jewels or new adornments for themselves, there are a wide variety of choices in the market.  From low to high end, each dealer has its own story, and will offer the shopper a unique experience tailored to what the dealer’s particular pitch entails.  In the case of Tiffany & Co., we received a healthy back-story about the company’s concerns of being a sustainable retailer.  The company’s goals ranged from sourcing gems and precious metals from conflict-free areas, to the use of recycled paper from responsible sources in the paper industry.  Our goal was to go a little deeper and investigate how far Tiffany & Co. was willing to press its concerns, or if the organization’s veil of corporate social responsibility was really a case of public relations spin to appeal to the mass market and make consumers feel good enough to make a purchase.

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