Abhijit Chakrabarti

Embraer: The Future of Flying

Embraer global strategyBy Aarohan Singh, Abhijit Chakrabarti, Alok Shah, Divy Jaisingh, Karn Dhandhania and Rishin Patel

The first credit for human flight in history is given to the Wright brothers, who took their first flight in 1903. However, for commercial air travel, that honor is given to the British Overseas Aircraft Corporation, which in 1952, provided the world’s first commercial jet service. Within commercial jets, there has been a constant innovation taking place throughout the industry. Whether aspiring to create faster, safer, or more luxurious planes, this highly competitive industry is always looking for the next big thing.

Everyone has a lot to thank for the advent of flying.  We can be in California at one moment, board a plane, have a drink, take a nap, and end up in Arizona at the next. But what price do we pay for this? The luxurious Boeing jets, which on Dec. 13 raised airline prices by 5.2 percent, are generally fast, quiet, and comfortable to fly in. However, with a lack of options prior to the advent of regional jets, passengers were forced to board commercial airliners, known as larger gas guzzling aircrafts.  In fact, these inefficient airliners also contribute enormously to air pollution that leads directly to negative environmental impacts.

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