LMS Course Manager & Instructional Technology Specialist

LMS Course Manager & Instructional Technology Specialist

The LMS Course Manager & Instructional Technology Specialist will be responsible for supporting faculty in all Thunderbird Degree Programs, including Moodle course development, preparation, design, and revision, related to maintaining program standards, preparing each course page for faculty review, troubleshooting technical or design issues, and assisting faculty with relevant course tasks, and developing and facilitating ongoing training programs for faculty, staff and students in the area of instructional technology use.

  • Moodle LMS course administration for Thunderbird Degree Programs
  • Moodle LMS troubleshooting and support for Thunderbird Degree Programs
  • Support faculty, students and staff with informal training opportunities (training sessions, workshops, and materials) in instructional technologies that support the objectives of the Thunderbird degree program courses, focusing on using consistent high-quality methods that enable faculty, staff, and students to feel confident and successful with technologies
  • Additional duties may be assigned at the discretion of the Senior Manager to meet business objectives and this job description is not intended to be all inclusive. 

The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree in Instructional Design, or its equivalent, with a minimum of 2 years’ previous work experience. 

  • Preferably experience using Moodle LMS in a Higher Educational environment is desired.
  • Knowledge in instructional technologies, Webpage design, and course management systems is needed.
  • Individuals should have experience in Moodle, MS Office, IE Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and HTML.



Applicant should have:

  • The applicant should be well trained in organization, prioritization and multi-tasking.
  • Outstanding skills in LMS support (Moodle) through standard customer service channels (in-person, via telephone, e-mail, etc.).
  • Ability to design and present instructional and training materials related to Primary Duties.
  • Experience with assisting customers with course-level configuration settings, verifying enrollment and student activity, correcting content or accessing problems/errors, taking appropriate action to resolve support issues, and ensuring readiness for the upcoming term.
  • Experience in explaining technology in simple and concise terms, as well as communicate complex technical ideas in everyday, relatable terms. 
  • A good candidate will also be experienced in project management. 
  • Any candidate for this position should have a positive attitude, strong skills in training and communication, and an understanding of cultural diversity and sensitivity.
  • All faculty in the Thunderbird Degree Programs
  • Staff in the following departments: ATS, IT, Administrative Assistants, faculty support, Thunderbird Full-time Degree Programs
  • Students
Please send resume to: 
Thunderbird School of Global Management, Human Resources, Ref. #2007
1 Global Place, Glendale, AZ 85306 
or e-mail: 
HRResumes@thunderbird.edu EEO/MFDV

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